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Apr 08
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Bitdefender Vpn Subscription Agreement

Regardless of the type of subscription, Premium VPNs can be used simultaneously on up to 10 devices. Bitdefender can verify your use of the Bitdefender solution to verify that your use complies with current documentation. A review is conducted after an appropriate announcement and during normal business hours, but not more than once a year, unless a significant discrepancy has been found during a pre-review. You agree to put in place internal security measures to prevent the unauthorized bitdefender from being copied, distributed, installed or used. You also agree to keep sufficient statements to certify your compliance with this Agreement, to provide and certify, at the request of Bitdefender Metrics and/or reports based on these records, taking into account the number of copies (per product and by version) and network architectures, as they can reasonably be linked to your subscription and your availability of the Bitdefender solution. This contract applies to the Bitdefender BOX software that is authorized to you, including associated documentation and all updates and upgrades to hardware-based applications and software provided to you as part of the purchased subscription or corresponding service contract, as defined in the documentation and copying of these items. The hardware warranty is granted separately in the package you received with your initial limited hardware purchase guarantee. In addition, registration requires a valid Bitdefender account containing a valid email address for service renewal and other communications, as well as a valid product subscription. The Bitdefender account is mandatory for the use of the Bitdefender solution, as stated in the documentation. The software is protected by copyright laws and international copyright treaties, as well as other intellectual property laws and contracts. The software is licensed, is not sold. This agreement gives you only a few rights for the use of software. Bitdefender reserves all other rights.

If the applicable law does not grant you other rights despite this restriction, you can only use the software as expressly permitted in this Agreement. Bitdefender grants you, and only to you, the following license, not exclusive, limited, unasstrial, non-transferable, non-transferable and licensed for software use. You acknowledge that the third party concerned is solely responsible for its offers and that Bitdefender does not accept any guarantees or guarantees regarding these offers and assumes no responsibility for these offers, and if you purchase or use any of these offers, the offers and your use will be subject to any licensing agreement, terms of use, confidentiality policy and/or any other condition required by the third party. However, if your Bitdefender security solution does not contain a premium VPN subscription (e.g.B Bitdefender Family Pack, which covers up to 15 devices) when you purchase a Premium VPN subscription, it only covers 10 devices, not 15. „Agreement“ is a legal agreement between you and Bitdefender for the use of Bitdefender solutions. Upgrades. If bitdefender software is labeled as an upgrade, you must be duly subscribed to use a product identified by Bitdefender as eligible for the upgrade to be able to use Bitdefender Solution. A bitdefender solution that is reported as an upgrade replaces and/or complements the product that served as the basis for your eligibility for the upgrade.

You can only use the updated product resulting in accordance with the terms of this subscription agreement. If Bitdefender Solution is an upgrade of a component of a software package that you have received as a single bitdefender solution, it can only be used and transferred as part of that set of products and should not be separated for use by more than one number of authorized users. The terms and conditions of this subscription agreement replace and replace all previous agreements between you and Bitdefender regarding the original product or the resulting updated product.

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