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Sep 13
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Camp David Agreement Pdf

The Americans never received a letter confirming what Carter believed he had promised. But for the rest of the world (with the exception of the Arab world), Carter seemed to accomplish what he wanted. When the summit ended, Brzezinski informed the press. „There was an audible breath when I announced the terms of the Egyptian and Israeli agreement, especially the fact that the peace treaty would be signed in three months. Journalists could hardly believe it. The feeling of excitement kept growing as the briefing continued, I struggled to break free. At the age of ten thirty, the president entered with Sadat and Bégin, after landing by helicopter a few minutes earlier. There was resounding applause when he announced the success. But of course, after committing camp David, Carter had no choice but to get him through.

Honesty about U.S.-Israel relations has been kept behind closed doors. When the agreement was definitively signed in March, Israel withdrew from Sinai. Predictably, the Palestinian autonomy talks were going nowhere. Bégin appointed his interior minister, Yosef Burg, of the national religious party, to lead it. Burg believed that Israel`s right to the West Bank was enshrined in Scripture. Settlement construction has accelerated. Moshe Dayan, who might have had a more open opinion on what autonomy should mean for the Palestinians, resigned from the government in protest. At that time, the Israeli cabinet was in the hands of the settlers. In the midst of the 1980 election campaign, Carter did nothing. Less than a week after that triumphant moment, Carter and Brzezinski were openly worried about what they had brought. Bégin immediately made a media tour of the United States, claiming Israel`s right to remain in the West Bank indefinitely and continue to build settlements.

Brzezinski noted in his diary that Bégin „is trying to make it seem that the only deal that really matters is the Israeli-Egyptian deal. If it gets out of it, it will have a separate treaty and the whole structure of peace in the Middle East will disintegrate. But if he did. Of course, peace has not collapsed everywhere. Israel is flourishing. Bégin and Ariel Sharon launched a bloody expedition to Lebanon to annihilate once and for all the PLO and Palestinian nationalism.

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