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Sep 14
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Card Issuer Agreement

(e) the abandonment of advertising or discounts on interest, fees and other charges. If a card issuer encourages the waiver or discount of financing fees because of a periodic interest rate or fees or fees or charges that must be disclosed in accordance with the provisions of section 1026.6 (b) (2) (ii), (iii) or (xii) and the waiver or discount on a credit card account under an open (non-home insured) consumer credit plan, any waiver or discount on this account represents an increase of one percentage per year. Fee or charge for the purposes of this Section. (3) Date of notifications. With the exception of the initial report described in point (d)(3) of this paragraph, a card issuer shall submit to the Bureau its annual report for each calendar year, until the first working day of 31 March of the following calendar year. (i) before the beginning of that period, the card issuer has clearly and clearly communicated to the consumer the length of the period and the percentage, fee or charge in force after the end of the period; and (d) the publication of agreements that are available to the public. 1. Unless otherwise specified below, a card issuer shall publish and maintain on its publicly available website the credit card agreements that the issuer must submit to the Bureau in accordance with section 1026.58(c). For an agreement offered exclusively for accounts under one or more private label credit card plans, an issuer may meet this requirement by publishing and maintaining the agreement on the publicly available website by at least one of the merchants, under which credit cards issued under each credit card of 10,000 accounts opened or more are issued under each private label credit card plan; can be used.

This search method applies to all credit card agreements as of the last quarterly collection of CFPB credit card contracts. To access all agreements from recent or previous periods, please click on the contractual link below. (Please note that the Bureau has not received agreements for 2015. The January 2016 archive is a sample collected by Bureau staff from the publicly accessible websites of the largest credit card issuers during the first week of January 2016 and does not constitute a complete set of agreements). Credit card issuers are generally required to publish on their websites the credit card agreements they offer to the public, with limited exceptions. If you are an exhibitor, email CardAgreements@consumerfinance.gov for instructions on how to submit agreements….

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