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Sep 16
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Cqu Enterprise Bargaining Agreement

The CQU has benevolences, where the management and the union have reached an agreement on a new company agreement. It`s not hard to see why the comrades are happy National Tertiary Education Union Queensland Secretary of State Michael McNally supports the deal and told members, „The bargaining team did a great job“ and that the increase shows that the CQU leadership understands, „It`s the employees who will lure them through the challenges of possible federal budget cuts.“ In addition, there are a number of advantages that reconcile the staff of the TAFE department of the university in alternation within the framework of an agreement with higher education. What it means: While amity applies to CQU, this agreement will create links with the Australian Higher Education Industrial Association, which urges universities to insist that simplified agreements reduce the current complex codification of employee occupational health and safety. Education Minister Simon Birmingham will also take note of the university`s line on the generosity of the deal and will likely cite it to Senate squabbles to support his case where universities could fight with dublons and afford its proposed cuts. What has been agreed is that the CQU and the National Tertiary Education Union have reached an agreement on a new five-year agreement on wages and conditions. One of the most important conditions is a cumulative wage increase of 10.5%, which sets a new standard in the ongoing round of negotiations across the country. Management also agreed to extend the superannuation for temporary employees from the legislated 9.5 percent to the 17 percent that university employees continue to receive. The university agrees and proposes: „These are generous provisions at a time when most branches do not offer a salary increase, and if so, these are minimal. The only concessions made to management are changes in working time that are set for certain tasks and the cessation of the Committee`s oversight of gross misconduct/misconduct, except in cases of alleged academic and scientific misconduct. Bowman book: When Scott Bowman became a VC in 2009, CQU was in conflict, with an untenable reliance on international students and staffing structures it couldn`t afford.

Most members of the CQU community understood that things had to change. And so he cut — it was hard stuff, but Bowman was open in front of the employees and put up with their torments. And now it returns the gains of past pain. .

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