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Sep 16
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Data Sharing Agreement Primary Care Network

NHS England will establish a standard data sharing agreement for pcN to ensure compliance with the GDPR. The principle of assignment should also be applied, which prevents you from using personal data for new purposes if they are incompatible with the original purpose for which you are collecting the data. You must document the purposes for which you collect data in your privacy notices and ensure that you comply with them. Wider sharing of data may require you to change the goals set out in your policies in the future. NHS England has usefully published a pro forma agreement for the sharing of presentation data, which can be concluded by NCPs. However, completing and signing this document is not enough to fulfill your obligations under the GDPR, as a data sharing agreement developed accordingly is only part of the puzzle to ensure compliance with the GDPR. Our specialized health and data protection teams work closely together to help young NCPs develop their governance model and agreements, including data exchange agreements. Over the past few months, our employment team and our specialized data protection team have. When processing data from specific categories such as health data, race, religion, etc., within the framework of the GDPR, you will also need a processing condition and a legal basis for the processing, so it is important that you can identify both the legal basis and the condition.

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