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Learning Agreement Erasmus Unige

I have a clue. In the educational structure to which they belong, candidates must carefully consider whether these are the conditions and conditions for each activity. . Students enrolled in a university course at the University of Genoa, including PhD students and students. UniGe also facilitates the participation of students with special needs and with DSA. Take the courses and take part in the corresponding exams; Prepare work with related research activities; a possible additional internship (only if needed by the education system). The Office will review all Erasmus mobility deadlines already made to verify the remaining period available to each winner, regardless of the duration of the award. Please note that Erasmus mobility for study and internship purposes can be carried out for up to 12 months per student (for example. B as part of a course, it is possible to carry out 7 months of mobility for study purposes and 5 for internship purposes). For individual cycles (for example. B medicine and surgery), the maximum number of months is 24 months. The National Erasmus/Indire Agency has announced the introduction of a new method of calculation for the setting of the Erasmus grant. In universities and university partners of the University of Genoa.

The internship period must be covered by an agreement signed as planned by the student trainee and the University of Genoa. At the time of the signing of the university/student agreement, all Erasmus students must hold a programme of activities (apprenticeship contract) signed by the student himself, the University of Genoa and the host organisation. Example with the Euro 430 grant for 30 days of mobility from 16.10.2014 to 02.03.2015 Calculation: 15 days (from 16/10 to 30/10) – 30 days x 4 months Inte (November – December – January – February) – 2 days March Total days – 15 – (30 x 4) – 2 – 137 days 430.00 / 30 x 137 – 1,963.66 Universities, companies, Training centres, research centres or other organisations. Please fill out this form, we will try to respond as soon as possible. Copy and paste this integration script to where you want to integrate it Under the new mode, the bag will be paid based on the days actually run, instead of months or fractions of the same rounded or rounded file as previously used in the LLP program. The bargaining year has been accepted, so that each month, regardless of its duration, is taken into account for 30 days. The calculation is based on one-thirtieth of the monthly grant. An example of calculation is given below: the list of participants, the location of the courses activated and the start dates will be available exclusively online on the Erasmus Mobility page for internships.

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