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Standard Restaurant Franchise Agreement

23.2 Franchisees acknowledge that franchising this agreement, the related annexes and, if applicable, the corresponding agreements, and that Franchisor has given the franchisee sufficient time and opportunity to consult with the franchisees` advisors themselves on the potential benefits and risks associated with the conclusion of this agreement. 5.15 At the request of the franchisor, which will not be more than once every five (5) years, Franchisees will rehabilitate the restaurant at its own expense to match the building layout, dress, colour schemes, signage and presentation of brands and service marks that coincide with the image that comes into effect for new restaurants under the system and without limitation such structural changes, transformation, redevelopment and modifications of existing improvements that may be necessary. 15.2 Franchisees undertake that the franchisee, unless written by the franchisee, be for the duration of the agreement and for an uninterrupted period; which begins at the end or termination of this contract, and which, regardless of the reason for termination, does not own, maintain, operate, employ for two (2) years, either for himself, on behalf of a natural or legal person, on behalf of a natural or legal person, or in a business that is like a Fatburg restaurant and is or must be within five (5) miles of the authorized location or other Fatburger restaurant. The purchaser (and if the purchaser is a person other than an individual, these owners have an economic interest in the purchaser, as franchisor may require) for a period that expires on the expiry date of this agreement and with an extension period provided for in that agreement, the standard franchise agreement that will then be offered to the new Fatburg franchisees and other ancillary agreements that Franchisor may require for the restaurant, agreements that may in any case withdraw from this agreement and whose terms may deviate from the terms of this agreement, including, but not limited to a higher percentage of license and advertising contribution; but the purchaser is not obliged to pay an initial duty of duty and that the protected area provided for by this agreement remains unchanged; 5.12.6 all devices, furniture, equipment and signage that franchisors can purchase and/or install in writing from time to time in the manual or by other means, including a jukebox, an appropriate sound system and sound recordings designated by The Franchisor; and without Franchisor`s prior written permission, not to waive any installation or installation authorization on the restaurant site, without Franchisor`s prior written consent, to any device, equipment, equipment, signage or any other object that had not previously been approved as Franchisor standards and specifications.

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