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Ta Agreement Form

With respect to the termination of the TA Agreement and the successor conversion into a transfer centre, the Transfer Service informed the Fund that it was not prepared to act as the custodian of those employer-sponsored retirement plan accounts (the `Defined Contribution Accounts`). Unless amended, the TA Agreement remains in full force and effect. ACCORDINGLY, the Fund and the MSMPs have ensured that this amendment is made by their duly accredited representatives from the most pre-written day and year above. EACH FUND LISTED IN ANNEX ADe: /S/ Scott E. Except as amended below, the TA Agreement remains fully operational and effective. Annex A to the TA Agreement is annexed to this amendment and shall take part of this Agreement. From time to time after the performance of this Agreement, any reference to the TA Agreement shall be a reference to the TA Agreement as amended….

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