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Apr 13
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This Agreement Is Entered Into Effective As Of

This agreement contains all communication between and between the parties and replaces all previous knowledge and arrangements, taking into account the purpose of this agreement. This agreement can only be amended by a letter signed by the parties to this agreement, unless it can be expressly specified otherwise in this agreement. The course leader was informed of the importance of the instructor obtaining separate legal advice and representation on this issue. This agreement is specific to each of the parties and no party may cede or delegate its rights or obligations under this contract without first obtaining the written agreement of the other party. or at another address, as each party may be designated from time to time by notification in accordance with this section. The instructor has at any time a current professional insurance of at least $1,00,000, a single liability limitation required by PADI for the status of course holder. This insurance is provided by companies that are acceptable to PADI and the facility is designated as an additional insured for the duration of this agreement. The insurance costs are terminated by one of the parties at 30 (30) days before the written notification to the other party, including costs resulting from subsequent additional policyholders, such as. B this agreement, at any time, with or without cause. In addition, this agreement is immediately terminated if one of the following acts occurs: (1) Death of the instructor, (2) In the event of obstruction to the instructor (3) In the case where the instructor is convicted of a crime of moral turpitude, 4) In the event that the instructor does not perform the tasks defined in this agreement, at least ten (10) days after written notification of the institution , and, in light of this agreement, the trainer agrees that all programs, systems, forms or texts developed during the use of the facility remain the property of the instructor to comply with all the rules and guidelines established by the facility, either before or during the duration of the agreement.

The trainer also recognizes that the implementation and application of these rules are necessary to promote the goodwill of the company and generate the highest potential revenues for the trainer, ease and staff of the facility. Facility is committed to making its facilities available to the diving instructor under the conditions set out in this agreement.

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