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Okt 13
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Under Mutual Agreement

If the team or team members mature with the process, it is possible to change more openly with commitment, for example.B. „create a web service to deal with „, as the size of the engagement is well understood by everyone inside and outside of software development. This approach requires different documentation to capture what is achieved with this line, although a concept that cannot be defined by a few pages is either not well understood or too large for a developer within a single cycle. With everyone signing on the commitment document, we should have steered our development team towards the current business requirements. Knowing that they will receive their bonus at the end of the cycle based on the satisfaction of these needs will help keep the development team on track for the next six weeks, while completing these obligations. The essential condition for the implementation of an amicable termination agreement is the existence of the „reasonable performance criteria“ resulting from the court decision. The Supreme Court attributes the validity of the reciprocal cancellation agreement to the existence of a reasonable advantage from the point of view of the worker. The main ground underlying the Supreme Court`s criteria for „reasonable benefits“ in mutual cancellation agreements is that, since the worker must receive severance and severance pay upon termination of the employment contract by the employer, the preference of another method, which is not more advantageous, cannot be considered appropriate during normal life. Therefore, in many cases, and in particular where the application for a mutual cancellation agreement is made by an employer, the Supreme Court expects certain additional benefits from a „reasonable benefit“ in addition to the legal rights that would have been paid in the event of termination by the employer and not by a mutual cancellation agreement. Several Supreme Court decisions have invalidated reciprocal annulment agreements, so that termination of the employment relationship is equated with „dismissal by the employer“ in the absence of additional payments or benefits, and, therefore, related reinstatement claims have been accepted by the Supreme Court.

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