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Use Of Company Laptop Agreement

„This agreement on the use of company laptops defines an employee`s responsibilities in the use of a company laptop. This contract includes all the necessary conditions, such as. B conditions of use, verification, use and modification of the device, assistance of the device, loss and deterioration. It contains both standard clauses and means of adaptation to ensure that the company`s policy is correctly defined. This Directive should be used by small enterprises and other establishments which make laptops available to their employees. Mark uses the computer to accomplish his professional tasks. From time to time, Mark takes advantage of his break time to play computer games. You`ve never seen him play video games in the company`s days, and it doesn`t seem to affect his work or the work of other employees. Do you tell Mark to stop? Another possible strategy would be to ask the phone company to break down phone bills by extension if your phones are all under the same number. If one of your employees buys excellent scheduling software for home use and also installs it on your company`s computer, you risk breaking the law. Software has strict copyrights, and software piracy is synonymous with theft and the company is responsible. If you want the software, buy it and install it.

Sometimes the use of certain business equipment is not a problem in itself, but it is the working time that wastes the use. Personal use of devices that don`t affect work is one thing, but how do you handle situations where the employee plays computer games during work hours (or does some other type of personal business)? Your equipment and the habits of your staff guide your management of personal use situations. Ensure that any use you authorize or prohibit is clearly communicated and applied consistently to all employees. 5. Congratulations! Your model is ready. Don`t forget to register your model! This document is Microsoft Word *.doc 6-page format to 8.5×11 standard paper. Your Microsoft Word is available for download as soon as payment has been confirmed. As this offer is delivered by instant download, no refund can be made. Good news! Since you already have a Gumroad account, it has also been added to your library. 4. Now it`s time to get creative.

Edit the template at will, change colors, fonts, remove or add sections of problems that can arise when personally using company-owned devices, such as computers, tools or vehicles: If you don`t have MS Word: Download here a free trial version for Mac and Windows: Contact your BizFilings service agent now! You may not want to allow an employee to use the computer to create a flyer for her son`s debate contest and print 100 copies on your laser printer with your paper. On the other hand, you might want to allow an employee who is attending a night class to use the computer for school work during the noon and break hours. The key lies in developing a guideline that will allow you to determine acceptable use and apply that directive fairly and consistently.. . . .

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