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Which Of The Following Statements Is In Agreement With The Dopamine Hypothesis

In addition, although dopamine inhibitor drugs change dopamine levels within minutes, the resulting improvement in the patient`s symptoms is generally not visible for at least several days, suggesting that dopamine may be indirectly responsible for the disease. [48] 2. Howes OD, Kapur S. The dopamine hypothesis of schizophrenia: Version III — the last common pathway. Schizophr Bull. (2009) 35:549-62. doi: 10.1093/schbul/sbp006 Jarskog LF, Xiao H, Wilkie MB, Lauder JM, Gilmore JH . The regulation of cytokines of the embryonic rat dopamine and serotonin neural survival in vitro. Int J Dev Neurosci 1997; 15 : 711-716. Arnsten, A. F., Girgis, R.

R., Gray, D. L. – Mailman, R.B. Biol. Psychiatry 81, 67-77 (2017). According to the serotonnerous hypothesis,37 auto-inflammatory behavior is caused by changes in serotonne function that lead to a pathological mood change and, ultimately, to a failure of impulse control. About 50% of adolescents with a personality disorder and/or emotional disorder admit that they think less than an hour about self-injury before cutting or burning. The serotonin hypothesis is also supported by the findings that serotonin absorption inhibitors, such as clomipramine, have been shown to be a moderately effective treatment of self-inflicted behaviors. Additional support for a serotonin hypothesis is derived from studies that have shown an increase in self-injury after depletion or administration of selected precursors acting on serotonic neurotransmission. Laruelle, M.

et al. A single emission of photons TOmodensome dopamine-release dopamine-release dopamine insothophrenic subjects without drugs. Proc. Natl Acad. Sci. United States 93, 9235-9240 (1996). The COMT-Val-Allel leads to a lack of cognitive abilities. Interactions between dopaminergics and methylation mechanisms can lead to cognitive deficits in schizophrenic patients. The COMT Met aisle reduces COMT activity, resulting in increased dopamine production and increased Activity of D receptors (1) in the prefrontal cortex and, therefore, better cognitive abilities in Met Avenue carriers (76-82). A link between put carriers and smoking was recently verified (83) and a link between COMT and cognitive dysfunction in bipolar disorder was also discussed (84). The COMT aisles are made up of two different aisles that result in different levels of activity: the low-activity COMT aisle (L-COMT) and the high-performance COMT aisle (H-COMT) (85). The L-COMT aisle has the met/met genotype and the avenue H-COMT the genotype Val/Val (86).

Healthy middle-aged women with H-COMT, who wear Val158-Alll, show better cognitive abilities, including executive treatment and cognitive flexibility, as carriers of the Met allele (87).

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