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Cqu Enterprise Bargaining Agreement

Savvy readers report that management wants a two-year corporate deal instead of the usual three On Tuesday, March 30, the AEU(Q)/QTU shared its debt minutes for the 2021 round of corporate negotiations on behalf of members. Today, April 1, is the last date on which the Claims Protocol can be exchanged to begin negotiations on the replacement of Central Queensland University`s 2017 Corporate Agreement. The agreement expires nominally on 30 June. At the beginning of negotiations, unions usually submit a statement of demands to the employer. It is a series of demands for better wages or working conditions submitted by a union on behalf of workers. The employer also provides one. The Claims Protocol defines the issues to be the subject of the hearing and sets the agenda for the negotiations. In general, if there is agreement on a need or action, it will be dealt with first, and the areas with the greatest disagreement will be dealt with last. AEU(Q)/QTU is a party to Central Queensland University`s 2017 Corporate Agreement and represents professional educators.

The union is a party to the university agreement because the Queensland Teachers Union (QTU) represented TAFE teachers prior to the merger of the Central Queensland Institute of TAFE with Central Queensland University. But there was nothing specific about the other topics: „CQ University has long had one of the most generous corporate agreements in the industry. While we are proud to be a preferred employer, we also have a duty to ensure the long-term viability of our institution. We are currently working with our unionized colleagues on a number of options to ensure the right balance between maintaining a leading agreement in the industry and bringing the terms into compliance with our tax responsibilities,“ Miller wrote. CMM asked CQU about this and Barbara Miller (Director, People and Culture) responded in writing. „Given the current global outlook, a two-year agreement is a prudent approach and allows us to re-examine the agreement as more is known about the post-COVID operating environment.“ In the case of good faith negotiations, all claims are provided by the damage protocols. A claims protocol may include an area, i.e. ask for a „little more“ to have room for negotiation. Just because an item is in a damage register does not mean that it will be included in the final outcome of the negotiations. Some points can be discussed without an agreement being reached.

However, the exchange of receivables is only the end of the beginning. The next step will be a series of single bargaining unit meetings, during which representatives of the parties and other negotiators will discuss the content of the industrial replacement instrument. She is right that the old agreement was generous – it included a cumulative salary increase of 10.5% over five years (MWC 24 August 2017). . 132 years later, the union has more than 48,000 members and represents teachers from the Torres Strait to the Gold Coast throughout the state`s primary, secondary and vocational education system. * This increase is based on the salary rate as of April 30, 2015 + 2.5% ^ Higher step for teachers without approved teaching qualification The agreements and provisions contained in this agreement have been developed and will be implemented as described below in the approved budget of CQUniversity:. The AEU(Q)/QTU Protocol for Claims for the Replacement of Central Queensland University`s 2017 Corporate Agreement is available here. The Queensland Teachers` Union of Employees is one of Australia`s oldest trade unions.

We have been part of Queensland since 9 January 1889, when representatives of seven teachers` associations gathered for a conference at the School of Arts in Brisbane and the Queensland Teachers` Union was born. 2% payable after FWC approval 2% payable on September 30, 2018 2% payable on August 30, 2019 2% payable on July 30, 2020 2% payable on August 30, 2020. June 2021 The delivery of the minutes is the culmination of eight months of consultation in Central Queensland University branches and workplaces. The AEU(Q)/QTU aims to be the most democratic and representative voice of Queensland`s teaching profession in industrial and professional affairs, and its members have been at the heart of the development and approval of the protocol. The rates of pay payable to employees are set out in Schedule 1 of the Agreement; The process began in August 2020 with face-to-face meetings with members and ended with joint meetings via Zoom to get confirmation from members that the final coherent document reflects their wishes. The minutes of the claims were approved by the QTU TAFE Council at its meeting on 14 November 2020. Salary increases included in the agreement are payable to employees employed by the university from the date of approval of the agreement. * This increase is based on the salary rate as of April 30, 2015 + 2.5% AEU(Q)/QTU is committed to working for professional trainers in traditional TAFE institutions and in dual institutions such as the CQU.

The Union recently launched a new national campaign in support of public vocational education and training under the hashtag #rebuildwithTAFE […].

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